ME/CFS is a complex disease affecting multiple systems in the body: the brain, immune system, heart and blood circulation, energy and hormone production.

Main symptom of ME/CFS: serious physical exhaustion after a relatively small amount of physical or mental activity, after which a long recovery time is usually required. This is called PEM (Post-Exertional Malaise)

In addition, patients have the following symptoms:
* sleep disturbances
* muscle, joint and nerve pain, often with the loss of strength
* difficulty concentrating, forgetfulness
* headache
* dizziness
* sensitivity to light and sound

About two-thirds of patients also suffer from concomitant illnesses such as fibromyalgia or chronic digestive disease.

The disease can affect anyone - men, women and even children, no matter what their age, social or ethnic background.

ME/CFS is an invisible disease.

Victims go unnoticed by the greater population for the simple reason that 1 in 4 patients is home or bedridden.

There is currently no treatment for ME/CFS. There is promising research into ME/CFS being done in several countries. There is however a need for money. This is why we started this appeal.

The money raised by this appeal will fund the OMF's (Open Medicine Foundation) End ME/CFS project in the USA. They have a amazing team, including several Nobel Prize winners, working to unravel the mystery of ME/CFS.

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